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It’s a Sign

One of the ways my family amuses each other is by sharing photos of signs encountered when out & about.  So here’s a peek at a digital collection.

Frog Lover signFeeling tense on the road? Head through this neighborhood.

Traffic calming signNo stops for yoga poses or a decaf latte stand. Bumped out berms and ginormous speed bumps were added that actually narrow the lanes making two-way traffic less than calm.  I like to swing thru for a laugh every now and then.

Glacier Park trail sign

Giddy up in Glacier Park.


Big fans of the book, Diary of a Wombat. This, however, is in Seattle

 A signs reflect a few of our favorite things: animals, books, football & phones.

Might bleed more than a little purple around here

When one likes to bug their mother, they can send a photo or two.

can't mean me, just for a second . . .

Just a peek . . .

Restricted Area Sign 1

I think they mean it

Restricted Area Sign 2Sign for a 1950’s newsreel type of film about the fruit.

A 1950's newsreel type of film

Shields Date Farm

Slug Crossing  Capilano Suspension Bridge

In British Columbia rain forest. Cute, and true.

Also spotted in Vancouver,

Vancouver BC#mademesmile

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