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Just Flipping Through The Pages

As much as I enjoy resources at my fingertips and a screen in my pocket, I also enjoy a moment spent flipping the real pages of magazines.  Plus I love travel, so let’s combine the two for a quick visit to the land of the vikings.

Here is a collection of images from a set of Norwegian magazines.

What’s cover worthy in the land of the midnight sun?

Allers 1

Må Ha! = Must Have!

A poncho, really?

The poncho is lightly frightening.


Frisk & glad uansett alder = Fresh & happy regardless of age

What’s inside?

Might be time to break out a metric converter and Google translate, this looks yummy. Tasty 2Just need to add some bringebær (raspberries) to my market list.

Cute doesn’t need a translation,

Kids Clothes

My kids thought this was too pajama-y, unless of course it is PJs.
Nope, not jammies, Janus has over a century of experience, specializing in wool garments.

My favorite peek into Norwegian culture might be this article about Åshild.

Norwegian Pets

So happy on her farm.

Who doesn’t want to just hug a goat sometimes?

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