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Keeping Up With The Times

Spring is around the corner and while the ‘tip to tail spring cleaning gene’ definitely skipped a generation, I do chug away on a reduce/reuse/recycle plan, with a perpetual list of things to do. Key for me is appreciating an item, and then letting it go. Many of the things I have blogged about are now gone (old items, not kids).

I was going through a small box for a ‘one last time’ decision. In it was this watch. Aha, I thought, I can let this go.  A good long life usually leaves a number of watches, and this Omega was one of my dad’s.   It has no band, no crystal, a mangled minute hand, and a splattered face.     Navy Omega 1

While holding it, I noticed it was pretty close to the actual time.  I gave the bent minute hand a nudge to the current time, and wound the watch.

Why was it tucked away?  Hard to find any reasons from the front, so I nonchalantly turned it over.

USN Omega  Detail

It was inscribed. It was a gift from a Navy Squadron in 1958.  A small piece of a much much larger history.

I’m currently reading Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, about Lieutenant Louis Zamperini by Laura Hillenbrand.

Unbroken is a testament to the resilience of the human mind, body, and spirit.

My dad’s birthday also would be this week, so spunky guys are on my mind.  But I was still in a let it go mode. Until I turned it back over.

Navy Omega 2Notice anything?

Look at the position of the second and minute hands. This little 56 year old watch was ticking away–it works! I was looking for a purging moment and found something that puts a new meaning on face value.

Wonder if Omega watches are cousins of Timex, because this watch has ‘taken a licking and kept on ticking’.

What a delightful surprise.  Happy Birthday to you too Dad. 

And yes, I’m keeping it.

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