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Last Best Place?

Grammar rules and test prep teach us to be wary when using a superlative.

So.  Is Montana the Last Best Place?

Avalanche Creek Trail 1My first visit coincided with my first steps, and the most recent trip to Montana was last month.  It’s definitely in the running.   If a setting can be gifted, the Flathead Valley nestled in the Rocky Mountains, would be at the head of the class. It’s where my grandparents lived and my parents retired, but it’s also enjoyed year-round by skiers, hikers, bikers, honeymooners, golfers, nature lovers, glacier fans and more.

Classic Montana

What’s on the radio?

Hank FM

Anyone surprised?

Let’s see what else Montana is.

Glacier Park Red Bus

This Glacier Park Red Bus is ready for a tour

Sometimes it’s entertaining to pick out a little something to take back home as a memento or a gift. Many wonderful shops provide a plethora of options.

Montana is a Sassy Place

Montana is a Bear-y Interesting Place

Bear near Avalanche Creek 1942

Glacier Park 1942. Just stay in the car. . .


With four kids, my family excels at making noise. Even when we’re not in the woods, we’ve nailed bear tip #1. My husband as seen a few bears over the years. I have only spotted a  bear twice. Ever. Admittedly, I’m more likely to be cruising antique shops than deep forested trails.

However, while driving just outside of town at dusk, we spied some awkward unattractive horses eating fallen apples in a yard. Upon second look, I saw that they were moose! Moose tracks (not the ice cream) are ginormous.

Montana is a Yummy Place

 Huckleberries in any form (pie, jelly, soda, taffy, chapstick, and beer. Or just in a bowl) all receive a purple thumbs up from us.

Tasty too.

Hmmm, is everything tasty in Montana?

Montana is a Very Dear Deer Place.

Photo from late 1930's-mid 40's

Photo from late 1930’s-mid 40’s

Most days, we see at least one. Sometimes a number if out at dusk. In the distance, or right in the yard.

A different pace,

Horses first please

A special place.

Glacier Pano

Four Seasons. A variety of sports, arts, music, and theater are available. Custom yarn shops or Piggley Wiggley. Bookstores to browse. Nordstrom and Amazon are just a click away. Traffic means waiting through an entire light. Maybe, once. The true test of traffic is if a deer dashes out in front of your car. Or maybe running into a flock of wild turkeys. (No, not the kind you’d meet at a bar.)  People are genuine, and the scope of the beauty of the land approaches spiritual.

My Dad proposed to my mother in Glacier Park, and my husband proposed to me in Glacier Park. Sigh.

For us, Montana IS one of the Last Best Places.

Always full of surprises

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