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Let Me Add You to My Contact List . . .

Where are your contacts right now?  Your Peeps and their numbers? Most likely in your pocket or purse.

Seventy or so years ago, people had the similar ease of access to their friends and families plus additional information, at their fingertips too. Just not on a phone or an ipad.

Vintage Leather Mini-Address BooksAddress Book Collection Also, information was also at their fingertips too. Just without Google.

Leather bound 3-4 inch  volumes designed to hold and share information.

How many cylinders?Would Diam. of Bore be good to know about your DeSoto today?

1945 Map

Europe 1945

ICE info for 1945First Aid tips for: Drowning, Burns & Scalds, Sunstroke, Mad Dog or Snake Bite, Venomous Insects’ Stings, etc.

Were mad dog bites commonplace in 1946?Christmas Tree Inn The leather is still soft and supple.  Tiny vintage treasures both useful, and beautiful.

+No cell towers, no two year plans. Smart.

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