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Long line of slow starters

I am the only daughter of an only child, and from a long line of slow starters (aka older parents). Or is that just procrastination manifesting itself again. . .    My grandparents house has been in the family for 90+ years.  And they saved oh so many things.  As did my parents who retired there, and now the house passes to me. Filled with neat, nifty time capsules for me to explore and enjoy. And to release; to use, donate, recycle and/or toss. Yes, quite a few butter containers, rubber bands and jam jars. Each with the following outcome: tossed; returned to paper carrier for reuse (while newspapers still exist); donate most and use the rest (no jam yet, but lots of uses).

My friends and family have helped me spend hours shredding, sorting, cleaning. to empty the  house of almost 100 years of stuff. Challenges, yes. Overwhelming, yes. Rewarded with additional treasures along the way, yes.  My birth announcement (We’ve adopted a baby girl!), my moms diploma, my dad’s elementary school report cards found in my paternal grandmothers things, my great-grand parents marriage license.

So much to absorb. Who, where, why, when, how?  How did they get that HUGE freezer in the basement, Who is this photo, great-great aunt, distant cousin or grandpa’s girlfriend before grandma (?!).  Why keep every coffeepot you’ve ever owned. Will continue to sort and ponder, and hope to give the items staying in the family the honor they deserve.  Be out, be used, be helpful.

I have a depression glass cake stand that was my grandmothers that is so happy to get out of the cupboard. And a beautiful hand-stitched Sunbonnet Sue quilt that has the most vivid colors after being tucked in a trunk for decades.  And a few whys? For example why was an orange, pink and brown afghan kept around for such a long time?  It was hand-stitched, and warm, and it was also scratchy, and . . .  the colors. Off to new horizons at St Vinnie’s.

But after a year of working though decades of possessions, some necessary items in daily rotation or some with quite a depth too (42 bath towels), some financial records (actually gobs of financial records), some nostalgic, some keepsakes, and some just unknowns, the house is EMPTY. And ready to rent to a new family.

living 1

(For a while)

Many Thanks to All Who Helped!

Since I too am a slooooow starter, I had better get busy on finishing this and organizing our space.

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