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Looking for a Job? (Circa WWII)

There’s lots of jobs open for women . . . and they pay not less than $1.04 an hour.  Ruey

Detail of a 1943 letter from a high school chum encouraging a friend to leave her senior year of college, and join the workforce in the war effort.  Which she did.

Letter w/ads$1.04 an hour

$1.04 an hour?

Minimum wage was .30¢ an hour in 1939, and .40¢ in 1945.

A sample of employment ads the letter included targeting female applicants from the Oregonian, 1943 (Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA).

Fred Meyer 1943

There’s a place for you


Swing shift

Two full pages of opportunities; a few less if you were over 40.

Other possibilities:

Between 1940 and 1945, the female percentage of the U.S. workforce increased from 27 percent to nearly 37 percent, and by 1945 nearly one out of every four married women worked outside the home.

Female workers wanted

May 1st is International Workers’ Day.  Thanks for taking a small peek back at US worker history, or perhaps herstory, to see how things have progressed.

Thanks for your input!

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