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Lost My Marbles

No, I have not actually lost my marbles. Whew, that’s good news.  And yes, my marble collection is a bit more extensive than just the following fifteen. But this set from 1932 is rather unique.CAM00543CAM00544Imagine the excitement of getting this in the mail!

The recipient was just shy of their 10th birthday.  The address has just the name, (tiny) city and state but no zip code.

CAM00545Who are Van & Don? The Snap, Crackle and Pop of the 30’s? (Actually, Snap started out in 1933, joined by Crackle and Pop in 1939.) I cannot find any reference with Quaker Oats (1877) or Aunt Jemima (1889). Hmmm. A nod to the amazing longevity of their counterparts, Van & Don are at least forever preserved on this leather pouch.

But if  I had lost my marbles, I think maybe I would send in 10¢ and a box top just to see what happens.

CAM00546It must have been very special; the set and mailing tag were kept together. After the anticipation of sending off for a toy treasure, I hope many games were played and enjoyed.

After googling the rules, we’ve taken aim on a few different days. Drawing a circle in the carpet instead of a dusty playground. The pouch was a bit crunchy at first but is pliable again. Even with improved shooting skills, we’ve managed to not to lose any marbles (yet). And the only one who plays for keepsies is me.

It’s just so darn cute. The nostalgia radiates a bit of hope and joy.  Lying on the floor, playing a game with the kids makes me smile, and nothing like cultivating smiles to keep from losing said marbles.

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