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Not a Tweet but a Gobble

I have a collection of over 200 vintage postcards, a majority from 1905-1920. Here’s a timely sample.

What might a dapper young gentleman send off the week before Thanksgiving?

A postcard with his picture.

Do you recognize us?

If you are troubled with any pests put this in plain sight.

It won’t keep Adolph N. away tho.

Sincerely, Lou

My guess is that Lou (left) got gussied up for this photo, & may have talked his friend into posing too.

From my collection, I glean that postcards were sent with more frequency than I expected. Not just special occasions but often with just chatty bits of conversations, some news, travel notes and yes, gossip. Many are created with personal photos of the day.  I don’t know if Lou was a beau, a friend, or a relative.

What’s on the other side?

Thanksgiving 08


Save me the gizzard Thursday.

Are you playing any basketball?

We haven’t yet. Haven’t enough girls.

He just might catch a young ladies’ attention, or her roommates. I appreciate the time involved. 115 years after it was postmarked, this spunky card still elicits a smile from me.

Thanksgiving would have been celebrated on November 26th in 1908. I do hope she saved the gizzard for him.

So, was she playing college basketball?

1908 College Basketball Team

 Why yes, she was.

Front row, on right.

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