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Monkey See Monkey Do

If all the other kids jumped off a building, would you jump too? CAM01429

If people were pushing past you to do it?


On the way to Miss Mona during our visit to the Louvre, people were intently moving to touch these toes.

Hmmmm . . . to touch or not touch. . .

 What if it could be for luck? For love or gratitude?

Or it could be just to be pesky.

 If you didn’t do it now, would you have the chance again?

You wouldn’t touch a something in a museum, would you? Not without researching the meaning of the piece. Not just because other patrons were doing it, would you?


Yes. We would.

We jumped.

The patina of the toe touches on the mother and child sculpture were irresistible.

Monkey see Monkey do.


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