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Monks on the Run. A Costco Run.

Let’s see, a collection is a group of three or more, right? Here are three together.  Wow. Spying these shoppers on my way to get baby carrots truly made me smile last month. I politely snapped a quick photo. Buddhists Monks shop in Costco too! Just nice to know that a Costco Run is so universal.

Then I recall that I already have a photo of monks from about a decade ago. Early on a foggy morning I saw a number of monks exiting a tour bus at Versailles, it was almost surreal.  I just need one more photo and I’ll have a collection too.

Costco RunMonks at Costco – cool!

Which reminded me that in 2008, my daughter and I heard His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak on an Interspiritual panel during the Seeds of Compassion Tour. One of the other panel members was named Desmond. Desmond Tutu. Listening to one humanitarian Nobel Laureate would achieve a lifetime goal, and we heard two.  Seeing the joy, warmth and playfulness between the His Holiness and Archbishop Tutu was genuine and inspiring. Quite an amazing morning, an arena filled to capacity, buzzing with hope and potential.  (And I can tend to lean on the Eeyore side of things. . . ) That moment, and feeling, was refreshed for me. Who’d have thought a trip to Costco could revive me without a mocha freeze?  I cannot wait for the next saffron or paprika robe to catch my eye.  Plus I do need to get back for more carrots. . .

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