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Collection of vintage glass milk bottles.

A safe and happy baby.

They make fairly indestructible vases for events with many munchkins in attendance. Or if many margaritas are served. . .

Milk bottles tend to fill (pun intended) my utilitarian craving.  Using bottles as vases  with just a few with blooms is a simple and pretty display. The pint-sized ones are my favorite. At Christmastime, we fill the clear bottles with beaded garland.  Plus the graphics are cute.  I love a snapshot of history, delivered in any way. CAM03249 And if craziness truly ensues, we coulld even use them for serving milk!  Cheers!

Quite the dairy serving in that bowl of ice cream!

2 Thoughts on “Moo

  1. My dad has a picture of himself and his brother at about ages 5 and 10, looking sadly out their window over the “quarantine” sign and a pile of unreturnable glass milk bottles. They had scarlet fever.

  2. still have the Peanut recipe cards that go into the recipe box!

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