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No Post on Sundays

Here’s a high five for a five page booklet that makes sending a note, invitation or letter via snail mail utterly enjoyable.

hogwarts 1

What a journey that started with a letterHP stamps1

Since the set was issued in November 2013, it has been a go-to item for us for thank you’s, to tuck in with birthday gifts, and now for graduation, especially since the Harry Potter series was such a key part of growing up for many. A bit bittersweet for the adults who’ve watched the journey, yet similar to a sample from Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

They are Forever Stamps, so also fine keepsakes for my Hogwarts fans.

HP 4 HP 3

These stamps can make a wish or two come true. You CAN have Hedwig deliver a letter for you, just break out a quill or pen, jot a note and use the Hedwig stamp to send it. Or if your buddy always thought Fred & George would be a blast to have over, go ahead and send them. And what better for a Comcast bill than zapping them with old Tom Riddle?

How does the magic happen?

Well, here of courseHP 6And also here,

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

The U.S. Postal Service is proud of its role in portraying the American experience to a world audience postage stamps and postal stationery.

Many of the subjects chosen to appear on U.S. stamps and postal stationery are suggested by the American public. Each year, the Postal Service receives thousands of letters proposing stamp subjects. Every stamp suggestion meeting criteria is considered, regardless of who makes it or how it is presented.

On behalf of the Postmaster General, the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) is tasked with evaluating the merits of all stamp proposals. Established in 1957, the committee provides the Postal Service with a “breadth of judgment and depth of experience in various areas that influence the subject matter, character and beauty of postage stamps.”

The committee’s primary goal is to select a good balance of subjects appealing to a broad audience for recommendation to the Postmaster General. These subjects will be contemporary, timely, relevant, interesting and educational. In addition to the Postal Service’s extensive line of mail-use stamps, approximately 25 new subjects for commemorative stamps are recommended each year. Stamp selections are made with all postal customers in mind, including stamp collectors.

The US Postal service (

HP stamps2

 I enjoy the fact that the committee reviews every stamp suggestion. First class move USPS. Now I have a hankering to re-read HP.


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