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November 24

Just for fun, let’s see what today might have been like more than seventy years ago.

Here are pages from two perpetual resource books, both published in 1942.

1942 Picture Almanac 1

The almanac is filled with a page a day of interesting facts, and a place for boys & girls to record the daily weather report.

November 24th is the birth date of  “Old Rough and Ready”, the 12th US President Zachary Taylor.  An adventurous tidbit is that his father fought along side George Washington.

And the tip of the day,

1942 American Bomber guide 1 It’s difficult to imagine a number of children learning to identify bombers overhead. ***

 American Bomber guide 2This guide would be helpful anytime if reading a novel set in WWII. (Need a suggestion? Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein) The Boeing B-17, the Flying Fortress, is huge. I wonder if this is to scale?

None of the pages in the almanac have been completed, but the cover is well-worn and many pages smudged. I know as a child I would have read it cover to cover.1942 Picture Almanac 2All of this learning makes for a ravenous student.

So, what’s for dinner?

 Let’s check the menu for in the Modern Meal Maker.Modern Meal Maker Menus 1942 1Perpetual recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Modern Meal Maker Menus 1942 November 1

Fried Apples & Bacon as potential as a tasty November dish, Spinach Balls, not so much.

Modern Meal Maker Menus 1942 2The cookbook also has timely tips for the month and season.

Modern Meal Maker Menus 1942 3

Would be fun to recreate a day of menus.

Modern Meal Makers 1942 3

Happy November 24th

***Note:  After some additional pondering, I realize I was wrong. (Some may now want to bookmark this post.) On November 24, 1942, children mostly likely were acutely aware of aircraft overhead.  So then I Googled. The Aircraft Warning Service was a civilian service of instated in 1941 to keep watch for enemy planes entering American airspace.  Many citizens learned to identify aircraft for both American and foreign airplanes. (One system is WEFT: Wing, Engine, Fuselage, Tail)

Vintage Navy CufflinkLink to the experience of one Ground Observer.

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