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Off The Record

Hey, I have a collection I didn’t even know about. I was looking for something in the garage, and checked in a box tucked away.

Box of RecordsRecords. 78 sets from the 40’s. So let’s play.

Some of the artists are quite familiar.

Moonlight Serenade

Glenn Miller’s signature tune

Oklahoma 1943


Oh Curly

This costume probably looked swell to the audience.

What did these sets used to go for?

Record SEt PRice Detail

And still about the same today. Drat, no college fund.

The names of some ring a familiar tune,

Artie ShawAnd some not so much,

 Who are these guys?

Larry started playing harmonica professionally at age 14, and quite successfully. He recorded until past the age of 80.

Slack Detail 1

Freddy’s album was the best he ever made. And how often to you see bailiwick used?

Jack Fina 2

The Ten Talented Fingers of Jack Fina also enjoy fishing, golf and football underdogs. + Love the Mercury Mascot

Beguine by Cole Porter is on w of these albums

“Begin the Beguine” by Cole Porter was included on two of these albums.

Who made these sets?

Brotherhood of bookbinders

Brotherhood of Bookbinders. Could be the next Dan Brown title.

This was one heavy box, packed full of memories from my grandparents.  I’m glad to rediscover the contents.

PhonographHowever, my next task will be to now find a home that can continue to appreciate them. And maybe take a swing around the dance floor.

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