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Old Money

Alas, this is not a nod to the Rockefeller, Rothschild or Vanderbilt families and fortunes.

‘Old money’ as in a collection of old money. Fragile, faded, fascinating bills from around the world. And a few still crisp as they were many years ago.

Mayala Dollar detail

All about size


Definitely size differences. Texture differences, conditions differences.

5 Pound Detail

Commonwealth of Australia One Pound Detail

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the Russian Ruble and the American Dollar.  The Silver Certificate Dollar, smaller and a different green than customary, was received as change in a bank in Helsinki.  Thought perhaps it was counterfeit, but just old. Small, small world, I wonder how long they had that in a drawer!

Here are the differences in the US1$ front and back,

CAM02807 CAM02808A change made to paper bills in 1964 added the words ” In God We Trust”  prominently.  Interesting.



Perspective 2

Perspective 2

Lizzie still rocks

Lizzie still rocks

Now seeing it all out together, it would be nice to frame these colorful, kind of  campy souvenirs, or combine on a world map to display.   Where is my list of things to do  . . . . ?

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