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Optical Hearts

In honor of St. Valentine celebrations, I snapped a shot of my Brown Bag cookie mold with hearts.   Now looking at it, the group of hearts in the photo seem to change perspective.  What do you see? Are the hearts set in or coming forward?

4 Hearts Cookie Mold

In keeping with the Valentine theme, I love (heart) horses, and this horse silhouette is also an optical illusion.

Is the horse facing you or turned to the horizon? Can you see it both ways?

Horse Silhouette Optical Illusion


Cool, right?

I could offer deeper reflection on the cerebral nuances of these two photos (our expectations, insight &/or personal viewpoints; what does an illusion represent, etc.) but I’m sticking with Cool, right?

Brown Bag cookie molds were one of my collections. A quartet of heart shaped molds looked terrific hanging in the kitchen. I went through a bunny phase, so I received a bunny mold as a gift, plus a teddy bear & perhaps a wayward duck. They did not hang in the kitchen, but would make it out for Easter. But I never had success creating wonderfully whimsically shaped cookies. No matter the type of cookie dough or the cookie mold used. However, I did create paper ornaments in the heart shaped molds that turned out fabulously. So lovely. Even easy peasy. I used copy and craft paper we had on hand, and every detail from the mold was preserved vs. my more blob-like cookie attempts. (OK, I googled it, the official term is paper casting. Ten years later and the heart shaped paper ornaments are used every Christmas. Hmmm, I think I might like to try paper casting again.) All of the cookies molds have been donated except the one above. Yea me, unless I end up having a craving for a ginormous cookie on Valentine’s Day.  I’ll be OK, I can just eat two (or 3) at the class party.

Now, do I wonder what the photo was trying to tell me. . .?

PS. It feels a bit weird to keep typing ‘mold’. bleah. Will focus on ‘cookie’ and ‘cool’.

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