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Out of the Box

Summer is here and I’ve taken a (small) step out of my maternal sandbox.

A warm summer night, driving home at dusk.  The munchkin duo in the car with me spot some sparkling, spinning lights.

In the strip mall parking lot.


“Oh, look can we stop please?  Please?”

I instantly think of many reasons to keep going. Traveling carnival. Not part of a local festival. The best course of action is usually to steer away from a row of porta-potties. It screams ‘no’ to me. But I hung a left at the next light and drove in. Shock abounded. Craziness! I know, I know.

“You mean we’re stopping?!?”  “You asked!”

I do love Disneyland and most roller coasters, but it is common knowledge that I am not a fan of the circus or carnivals. Red and white stripes make me uneasy.  (Fine, just wide vertical ones.)  Plus, I know I am not alone in my coulrophobia**, even though an encounter here was unlikely.  There were other families, and groups of tweens and teens. Part of the small crowd appeared to be preparing for the change of tempo to nighttime activities.  I will admit, we would not be staying long.

“We have time for one ride, what’ll it be?”  I respond, while carefully clutching the health insurance card and my cell in a pocket.

Too Cold

The decision was a bit of a Goldilocks dilemma, this ride is babyish–too cold, this one (the classic Zipper) is too likely to cause vomiting or nightmares–too hot. Now, to find one where the amount of thrill is just right. The Paratrooper fit the bill.  The girls were happy and lightly green when they got off.  I did not end up with face paint like Gru in Despicable Me, (not going that far out of the box).

Music. Laughter. Adrenaline. No mechanical failures or accidents. And no clowns. Not a bad evening. Didn’t even have to use the porta potty.Carnival 1

Not exactly my cup of tea, but sometimes a grape soda is what you need. A good start to summer.


**Fear of clowns.

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