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Over the River & Through the Wood (Set 4)

Vintage Christmas Cards Set 4 – Home.

Card 1 The simplicity and nuanced welcome of this classic cabin setting is so pleasing.

Home 1

Silver touches & stars

Home 2Genuine calmness.

Card 2

Home 2a

At first glance, is it a festive outhouse? A closer look reveals brick details.

Home 2bCard 3

Home 3a

A peek into a 40’s living room. From whence the term ‘ roaring fire’ was coined.
Christmas and Scotties.

Home 3b

Greeting (Card 3)

Card 4. Graphics swoon, love this card.

Home Sweet Home

From the 30’s.  Love the weight of the card, the colors, the snow frosting of fantasy, the effort evident in the child’s printing.

 Card 5. Home-ish; a significant journey to a temporary home. From LeRoy and Ruth.Xmas 5a Xmas 5b Xmas 5cHome

   Thanks for taking a moment during the busy holiday season to check out cards from the past.

Hope you and yours can be home for the Holidays.

   “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s Decorate!

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