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Nothing like a Cute Microquasar

I enjoy science with a bit of whimsy. Welcome to the 20,000 year young Manatee Nebula!

W50 is one of the largest supernova remnants ever viewed by the National Science Foundation’s  Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. At nearly 700 light years across, it covers two degrees on the sky – that’s the span of four full Moons!  The National Radio Astronomy Observatory has adopted a new nickname for W50: The Manatee Nebula.” from Space Daily 1.22.13

Manatee Nebula


Quick Post about Quirky Post (US Mail)

Philatelic Product ImageAs I was sending a few holiday cards overseas last month, I saw that someone at the United States Postal Service has a subtle sense of humor;  the current AIRMAIL stamp has an Amish buggy on a Pennsylvania country road. (?!)

May I have this dance? Dance Cards 1930’s-40’s, part 2

Which theme would have you looking for your dancing shoes?

My dance card IS full. . . Dance Cards from the 1930’s-40’s

I have heard and read the expression “My dance card is full”.  And I have probably used it myself.  (Perhaps I may want to revisit introducing it back in to my vocabulary vs. some of the less patient place holders I have been using. . .  )  Now that I have seen a full dance card the expression just makes me smile.

Here are some examples of dance cards from the late 1930’s and early 40’s.  Most are from college, a few are from high school proms.  Each palm size program is a peek into window at a few special evenings in the past.  They range from elegant to humorous. Given the era, the details and the variety of materials were a surprise.   The penmanship is of course lovely, and some cards are filled in with colorful, gold or embossed writing.  The ones with pencils attached (still sharp!) are favorites.

This collection has proven fairly irresistible in this millennium each time when viewed.  I’d bet “Florian and Her Accordion” had a wonderful time performing at the Cabaret dance! (photo 5)