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Perky Ears, Personality & Perpetually Smiling

I have a child with Obessive Corgi Disorder.  She too has perky ears, personality & is (almost) perpetually smiling. And she has a collection to share.

Corgi Socks

Corgi Valentine

Corgi Birthday

Corgi Stickers

I’ll find a screensaver with a romping Corgi frolicking across the screen at least once a month, or a link to one of the many sites, blogs and Pinterest pages devoted to Corgis in my inbox.

I must admit this is a favorite, The Corgi Flop. What spunk, trust, and earnest belief in one’s own vertically-challenged furry self. Definitely made me smile.

The fun starts +/-20 seconds into video

 Is it cute when your belly appears to almost touch the ground?  It is if you’re a Corgi. And most likely ONLY if you’re a Corgi

The same child with “OCD” is a collector of Wade animals.  This cute guy has taken a few tumbles from the shelf. (Front and forward can be a precarious spot.) But still radiates adorable.Wade Corgi 1Wade Corgi 1If you think you may have a similar case of this breed of OCD,

 You’d be in good company . . .

Her dad brought home a Corgi in 1933

Queen and her corgis

Actually, you’d be in regal company. Getty Images 2013

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