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Pumpkin Pie?

Would you make a pumpkin pie in 80+ degree weather in August?  Voluntarily turn the oven on for an hour?


Well, yes actually, I would and I did.  Shhh, don’t tell but this Carpe Diem moment was instigated when I saw the evaporated milk was expiring at the end of the month. Late last night, I noticed we had the ingredients for a pumpkin pie. Just had to let the ‘home baked crust’ come to room temperature to unroll it (so taxing!), and then mix the ingredients.  Made the house smell terrific.  The kids really enjoy pie for breakfast, feels ‘out of the box’ both literally and figuatively. Not saying that I can be rigid, we’ve been in the lazy hazy days of summer mode this week. Plus it’s so easy. Especially without the pressure of making turkey and stuffing next. With a glass of milk, a slice of vitamin & fiber filled pumpkin pie IS a pretty fine breakfast.  And we have been lucky enough with hot days that do cool down at night.

So no worries, things are under control. Please do not think I’ll be queuing up holiday tunes by Friday. Do not look for my glasses in the freezer or toaster, but do please look for them, as they like to land in obscure places every now and then.

Would you like a slice too? CAM02920

PS. as of noon, kids are saving a continually thinning slice for Daddy, aka not much left and it no longer looks like Ms PacMan.

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