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Pyrex Lab Glass

Do you have something non-traditional that you collect? I practically squeal with delight when I find a piece of lab glass.

Truth be told, lab glass does not exactly inspire a wave of fond memories.  In high school, I took biology, survived chemistry, and proceeded to human physiology thinking pre-med might be my track.  Dissecting frogs, worms, hearts and eyeballs were all fine, but one meeting with a fetal pig and that was that; social sciences here I come.  Required science distributions in college were filled with ‘lab-free’ geology and speech & hearing sciences. Yet I love lab glass.

I appreciate Pyrex, especially sunny yellow pieces, but utilitarian beakers are my favorite.

Welcome to my laboratory. PyrexDESICCATOR 2The most recent addition is this Pyrex Desiccator**.

(Yes, I had to look that up. Just a lovely piece in a new-to-me shape and size.)  The jar with lid is about 10″ by 8″. Pyrex GLASS DESICCATOR 1

The heavy glass and industrial design is hardworking and pleasing. I like to think of it as now enjoying retirement.

The tiniest of beakers at 100 milliliters. 100 ml pyrex beakerIt’s perfect for keeping washi tapes handy.

100 ml beaker Washi

A trio of 800 ml beakers are useful for corralling other collections,

800 ml in case of party beaker

Vintage party supplies

800 ml flower frog holder

Partial collection of flower frogs

Rainbow of straws in beaker. (Thanks to J for sorting)

Rainbow of IKEA straws.

Displaying pieces creates a mad scientist vibe at Halloween, and fun to fill with treats for the kids during finals.

If I stuck with chemistry, I could perhaps tell you what this was used for.  The beautiful (to me) stopper was found separately and just happens to fit.

Mystery Beaker and stopper

1000 ml made by Pyrex.

The duo following are ideal for holding a single small bloom.

125 ml beaker

Tiny 125 ml long neck beakers.

 To give an idea of the scale of the pieces. Lab Glass collection

Lab glass can also be an addition to other holiday decorating.  Beakers can be filled with a multitude of things. During autumn, I might fill one or more with acorns. A stacked variety of Jelly Bellies look, and are, irresistible. Or employ one in everyday use as a container for soaps in the guest bath. A poinsettia we ordered from a munchkin’s fundraiser fits perfectly inside the new desiccator. Once we unpack our Christmas decorations, I’m going to fill around the plant with bells.

Merry Lab Glass

Merry Lab Glass!

For over 95 years, Corning has developed special glass for use in both chemical and life science laboratories. PYREX glassware is made from Type 1, Class A low expansion borosilicate glass that has become the accepted standard in chemistry labs across the globe.  from

Can’t wait to find the next piece.

**A desiccator is a sealable enclosure used to protect chemicals which are hygroscopic or which react with water from humidity.

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