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Right Place Right Time

Ever catch something out of the corner of your eye that then makes you smile?

Father Snow

FYI, it was during a very quiet moment of solitude (not a service) when this ironic monument caught my eye, I laughed out loud. In a cemetery. Yikes, bad karma. Anyhoo, the snow was so softly blanketed around it; I took a picture.  My original plan was this Father Snow photo from last Christmas when I began. Then things started to snowball.

In a nod to my family and friends, here is a collection of winter moments in the Rockies that also caught my eye at the right time.

Another outing found me skating, literally, into this sign. Probably not unique as it is the perfect place for dental advertising, but definitely enjoyed. The laugh, and the support.

MT Dent

Then, the collection started to roll, or glide.

mt balto

Sled Dogs


Yak it up

Yup, the parade featured pirates and YAKS! Not exceptionally shaggy, amiable bison but yaks. The second one is spotted. My 1st yaks. Quite the small town treat.  Fear not, there is a Starbucks within driving distance. If you have a full tank.

I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite. Buddy the Elf

 She’s Snow Happy! Snow angel

off to get the mail

Off to get the mail

If you've gotta have s'mores

If you’ve gotta have s’mores . . .

MT 4

Brings a new meaning to ‘snowfall’

12/2013 Photo by E. Gelbke

Wish we were there. Photo 12/13 by E. Gelbke.

Got Cocoa?


Would the thermometer display below zero? It did. Brrrrr!

That’s -27 C for any potential international readers . . .

Forecast? Cold and snowy. Scattered with so many warm holiday memories.

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