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Rose Collection 1: Roseville Pottery

The Roseville Pottery Company operated in Ohio from 1892 to 1953.

This is one of my first ‘big girl’ collections (aka real home vs things with horses). Once hooked on Roseville Pottery with a Fuchsia pattern vase, I have gotten pieces at very fair prices at off the beaten path antique stores. I do enjoy the thrill of a thrift hunt. However, I have not added to this collection for quite a while. Market value can be determined almost instantly and Roseville vases have moved from shelves to locations in locked glass cases. Drat. I tend to fall for a piece (but hopefully not drop it) by examining the details. I can resist a glass case.

But I do love the pieces I have.

Inside, outside and upside down, I appreciate the craftsmanship. I love the colors, the weight and the details. With or without flowers, definitely beautiful.

Just the handle is fantastic

Fushcia Detail

The tip of the Fuchsia tendril


Are Bushberries in season?

Peony Detail


Zephyr Lily

Love the Zephyr Lily swirls

Yes, I love the pieces I have, except one. The Donatello cherub vase is not my cup of tea, but was inherited from Grandma Nellie. It is in great condition and is the oldest piece, dating to about 1915. ‘Don’ deserves to be appreciated and now that he’s been freshly photographed, off to Craigslist he’ll go. Or maybe I could trade for another Fuchsia piece . . .

A great resource to see all of the Roseville patterns, and see if your grandmother has anything in her cupboard is:

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