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Rose Collection 2: Rosaries

CAM01081Yes, I know it’s a play on words.  Fine, a reflective, inspirational nod to Holy Week. Or your week. Or Spring.

A collection of vintage rosaries.  Belonging primarily to my mother and grandmother. Showing the patina of their prayer and meditation.

I have had the gold cross with black center for years. Last year an impulse made me peek into the small center before giving to my daughter for first communion.  To my surprise it clearly shows a praying child and the Lords Prayer.

Similar to this My buddy ‘Google’ revealed it to be a Stanhope Cross. Made it a extra special gift from her great-grandparents.
Most of these hail (pun intended) from Italy. The pink child’s rosary is my favorite.  Think PinkCAM01087 CAM01088

The rosaries hang together in on a peg in our master bath.  A visual nod to gratitude, hope and family in our ‘home base’. The the light catches them different ways and different times, and the shadows cast can be meaningful. Or the jangle can recall a memory, or a touch reset a mood. CAM01091



OK, just realized that I am not perhaps as contemplative as a rosary collection post.

Happiness achieved when hanging around? Yes. Try your best? You bet.

Peace Out.

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