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Say “Ah”

A collection of pictures of Equine Dentistry.


Now please say “Ah”.

horse dent 7

How in the suburban world did I ever come up with the topic of equine dentistry?  A newsletter from Bar W Guest Ranch ( highlighted the LaSalle Equine Clinic coming to do dental exams on their herd (  Who hasn’t thought about being a veterinarian at one point in their lives?  I love it when horses yawn, and I’ve stuck my finger in a few equine mouths to get the bit in. So I had to take a peek at this field I knew nothing about.

horse dent1

From the Bar W Guest Ranch Round Pen Newsletter:  Would it surprise you to learn that there are equine dentists? Just like people do, horses need their teeth cared for by a professional. Proper dental maintenance is essential to allow peak performance and harmony between the horse and rider. Thorough dental care can prevent premature tooth loss, promote more complete utilization of feed, and prevent pain due to the use of a bit. This month, the Bar W worked with LaSalle Equine Clinic. 

 Say ah horse dent 5

A comprehensive oral exam includes evaluation of external features of the head, soft tissue, peridontal disease, and abnormal wear patterns.

Equine Xrays are part of exams too



No more sugar cubes.

horse dent interior

Horses do get cavities, and periodontal disease is the single most common cause of oral pain and tooth loss.

Forgot my iPod

Phooey. Forgot my iPod

Should have flossed before my checkup . . .

Do they give out toothbrushes after the exams? Stickers?

Now open wide.

Now open wide

images LaSalle Equine Clinic.

 This last one is my buddy Rio trying to see if my phone might be a carrot.





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