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See Jane Run

Hello!  I’ve been marching through March without many posts.  Sorry! The computer was acting up for a while, but luckily the kids did not.  Spring sports, writers block, life, yada yada yada.  Anyhoo, great to be back.

An additional reason was a trip to visit a college buddy in the desert. While driving at sunset, I spied a runner in the sky.

Cloud Runner 1

What?!? OK, we’ve all had that moment when you look to the sky and see a shape in the clouds. But you must see this too? Time to grab that camera. (OK fine, phone.) (And, yes, I was the passenger.)  My friend drives like a native Californian (zippy fast) and I’m snapping away with no idea what is getting in the shots.  Looking at the photo gallery, it appears that “Jane” is running for the hills.

Crazy, right?

Could not find anything published that night or next day as to who/what/why this was in the sky. (It has to be sky writing.  Yet not a plane in sight.) An upcoming tennis tournament in the area but no 5Ks. We took it as a sign and went to see “McFarland, USA”.  We’d give the cross-country team movie two thumbs up, three if you count Jane.

Hard to not pack the Northwest staples polar fleece and down, but I managed to adjust fairly quickly to the desert life. Sunlight. Golf carts on the road. Cloudless (for the most part) skies. The aroma of Hawaiian Tropic lingering in the air. Not that I used it; spf 30+ with a hat on.  We squeezed as many Californian delights as possible into a few days.

You never know what you might see,

And sometimes it’s best to just kick back.

#ThanksSherryAh, . . .

 PS for PS, Stop in at Tommy Bahama for a happy hour Coconut Martini. Yummy!


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