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Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Hello there.You know you’re cute if you look good inside out.The details are fabulous.My daughter found this in a pile of dirt a few summers ago, surprisingly not in Canada. (Don’t ask. She has a green thumb and likes to plant and dig.) Took some scrubbing after his rescue to reveal an engaging item with a bit of history.  (Thank you to an old toothbrush for one last scrub.)

Canada’s National Parks annual pass badges were used between 1925 to 1940.  Cost? $1. Attached to radiators or as license plate toppers. Materials rotated every three years between copper, aluminum or brass. The badges were discontinued after 1940.

We are a little light on buffalo items, who knew? How to roll this one copper creation into a buffalo collection . . . hmmm. When out and about this week, I saw this chair in an antique shop. First I thought (softly) ew, and then yea!

Aha, and I do have another buffalo!  A 1915 nickel. Given almost a century of wear, and apparently a little extra tear, this nickel also has terrific detail. Seeing the E Pluribus Unum, next to the buffalo reminds me of The Wizard of Oz when the scarecrow gets his diploma.

Canada had similar parks badges featuring beaver, elk and moose.  I’m 0 for 3 on a collection there.

The song Shuffle Off to Buffalo was written in 1933 by Al Dubin & Harry Warren.

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