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Spice It Up(ish)

The first thrifting foray for 2016 yielded additions to my tin collection.  It also presented a chance to do a little vintage sleuthing here on the West Coast about products from the East Coast.

The Country Inn fruit cake tin had a few items inside, some thimbles, rick-rack, a tomato pincushion, and this faded, fraying ribbon.

June Bride Usher Ribbon 1

While not exactly a tin, it would have been in the same cupboard.Vintage Baker's Food Colors Detail

The Easter Bunny colors eggs & toothpicks?!

(Hmm, as much as I appreciate vintage items, the chances of ever dyeing toothpicks for hors d’œuvres are slimmer than a toothpick.)

Three of the spices were produced in Boston, and new-to-me brands.  The D & L Slade Company began grinding spices in 1837.

Slade's Dill Seed Box Deatil

Unopened Slade’s Dill Box

One floral English toffee tin. To be re-repurposed shortly.

This band-aid size box was sitting by a stack of books on a shelf. A tin-yes, please. Turquoise, love it. Has a map, bonus. And it’s a bank, double find points! But wait, I don’t know what it is. And home it comes.

Jewish National Fund Blue Box 1

New York, New York

From the Jewish National Fund website this is a pushke, known as the Blue Box.

* Epilogue *

 Searching for the backstories on vintage items is a mini journey via keyboard.

  • The Blue Box started collecting coins in 1901 & has continued into the 21st century. Blue Box Bob even has a Facebook page.
  • The Baker’s Extract Company building in Springfield, MA was razed in 2013.  Thousands of board feet of Southern Yellow Pine were salvaged. It is now a parking lot.
  • Stickney & Poor searches did not provide a plethora of information, but it did yield an interesting trail of crumbs. The company started in 1815 with hand-ground mustard. One hundred years later a new product, Marshmallow Fluff, was originated nearby. And you never know where you might crave a fluffernutter (@ 6:08 minutes).
  • Alas, I have yet to find a mention for the Wichita June Bride Exposition. Must have been a doozy if they needed ushers.

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  1. Eggplant on 29 January, 2016 at 7:43 am said:

    Back in the Bloggy saddle again! Tins are one of my all time favorite collections.

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