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Spring Forward

Perfect time for a collection of vintage clocks. I love the curve of the numbers. I love the ones that tick lowly and slowly. And I love the ones that have an intense rhythm of let’s get it done! I love Big Ben and Baby Bens. I’d love Jan Brady Ben if she were here too.  I love the smooth, curved wood cases, crackle enamel cases, and sturdy metal cases.  I love the clocks that are starting a second century as a key household item.  I also love the ones that stand guard, but can no longer keep time.  CAM00914 CAM00916 CAM00917 CAM00920I love to wind them all at once for a cacophony equivalent to the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, or a classic, oversized 13 yr olds sleepover.  Admittedly, all three are best no more than once a year. . . .especially if sanity is at all a priority. . . CAM00923 CAM00931

I love spring time and all that it encompasses, as most do. But I DO NOT love the mandate to surrender an hour of sleep. It is my least favorite night of the year.  Pointless to point out yet I pointedly will, that even an hour less sleep turns people–regularly lovely people–a wee bit crabby. (If more than a wee bit, best to set off on a coffee run.) Understandable when restorative snoozing is abruptly edited. For those first few days really it can feel more ‘daylight, schmaylight’ vs ‘welcome spring, onto the vernal equinox’. For us, it also makes our cat wacko, Where is everybody and why aren’t they up and feeding me?  We’ll have 5 human crabs and one coping dad. For a glass 1/2 full viewpoint, I do like visiting each clock to say hi, and swing it ahead an hour.  Maybe I’ll do it before a nap.

I have, however, used ‘Springing Forward’ to my advantage.  A day, as we all know, is defined as 24 hours. (Yes, all agreed. so nice to have especially sweet children.) Springing forward leaves just 23 hours.  It’s a ‘Sun-most-part-of a-day’, but not a day. So IF  that happened to fall on the anniversary of your birth, and you are over 21, then logic follows that you get a pass. It is NOT a day, so it cannot be a birthDAY. Therefore, no addition to age! Call me Lucy Loophole, but if I have to add an entire year of to my age, it’s not happening without an entire birthday.  Of course, cake, candles and presents still welcome. 

I wish you well for tonight, and a nap if needed for tomorrow. We will Spring Forward, and welcome blossoms, buckets of gold, bunnies and more.

If daylight savings time falls on your birthday  this year, please consider tossing one of those candles off your cake, embrace that it is NOT a day, and continuing with an almost  birthday celebration.  If you need something to light the candles with, please ignite that uninvited introduction to AARP membership card. . .


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