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Summer of ’29

Hum a little Bryan Adams, and let’s journey past the summer of ’69 for a collection of vintage advertisements.  How will we travel? Via this Child Life magazine from July 1929.

Child Life Magazine July 1929Published by the map peeps, Rand McNally & Co.

The magazine is filled with stories, articles and activities.  Like magazines today, it also contains a wee bit of  advertising. Advertising LandAt least it’s upfront.
Children in the Home Book 1Children in the Home Book 2This suggested book has very interesting chapters, I do so often worry about the Grounds . . .

The 1920’s was a time with rich graphicsCAM14514

Some brands are familiar,

1929 Simmons Crib Ad

Comes with a Beautyrest Mattress

1929 Cracker Jack Ad

US patent 1896 for the famous Popcorn Confection. “Your mother will let you eat all you want. . . “

1929 Keds Shoes Ad

Classic Kicks

Other brands, not so muchCAM14552Hood Rubber Company Shoe ad 1929 Neat to find kids have been wearing Keds since 1916.

Luckily, some things have changed.

1929 Sterno Ad

Baby and Bedside Sterno (!)

Janzten advertised “. . . the vitalizing, ultra-violet rays if the sun are most beneficial in child health.”

1929 Janzten Sunsuit Ad 1

1929 Janzten Sunsuit Ad 2

UV exposure is no longer something you would seek out for your child. Most likely that tight knit wool suit was itchy too.

Thanks for coming for the journey back to 1929. Time to head back to 2015.

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