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Summer Reading – National Geographic

I saw this book at the bookstore and noted it as a potential smile inducer for our little engineering student.  “The Physics at Play in the World’s Most Popular Game”.

Angry Birds as Physics teachers!

Angry Birds as Physics teachers!

We have many vintage copies of National Geographic magazine, and current kids issues, all of the copies of “Weird but True” and plus we’ve read many travel guides.  A favorite for all family members is Journeys of a Lifetime, 500 of the Worlds Greatest Trips. Incredible. And then I thought, hmmm, we love National Geographic & the enjoyment of the adventure offered on the page and screen. I wonder what else has been recently published and available at the library?  Let’s see!

What a fun exploring these!



A mom is a mom, no matter where : )

Something for everyone.  Amazing things. It’s National Geographic, enough said.  One trip to the library was like visiting an old friend with new stories to share.CAM02867 CAM02869CAM02874


500+ pages creating a unique rainbow of our world

Fabulous images. I love it when we learn as a family.  Who, Where, Why, How, & When. And then we want to learn more. So Cool. Maternal high-five.

CAM02872 CAM02873

OK, so it might have been inspired by a sassy Angry Bird but this summer reading review & recommendation was brought to you by


Check it out too!

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