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Sunshine in Your Kitchen

Sometimes the sun shines warmly into your kitchen, and sometimes you look for something to bring a similar brightness into your kitchen.

I have been slowing adding happy shades of yellow to our kitchenware. **Disclaimer – I am not a ‘yellow’ person.  Quite a surprise really, to put them all together  – an unconscious collection.

A variety of sizes serve (wink) a variety of needs showing up in a variety of meals. Some Emile Henry, some Pyrex and some imports. All pop into the dishwasher. One piece gifted, and the remainder thrifted. Yea! Plus, using it makes me happy. Like sunshine in your kitchen.  (Fingerprints on windows not withstanding.)



This collection is perfect for salsa, baby carrots, scalloped potatoes, fresh berries and more. Yummy! I actually use the all-yellow bowl (inside and out) as a desktop catch-all–until it’s time for a brunch and then it’s put back in the kitchen line up.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun.

And I say it’s all right  – George Harrison


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