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Supreme Repurposing Challenge

Nothing like taking a moment or two to peruse magazines or blogs to feel inspired.  Or a unique fresh estate sale find can make you giddy as you imagine purposing it into something useful or amazing, or hopefully both.  And you can, and should.

Add in an episode or two of American Pickers, Design on a Dime or even Project Runway  you began to see that every item can be oozing with potential.

I love reusing things, and I am inspired by artists/DIYers who truly transform antique books and fabric and wood pallets. Though not all at the same time.  Feeling creative?

These tables are new additions to inventory at a store that is one of my favorite quarterly haunts. Which soon may ring even more true.

Old, industrial, metal.  (Three of my favorite things.)

Price: $45.00 each (Not bad at all.)
metal table

Metal Medical Tables.  Gosh, I’ve loved dental cabinets for quite some time. Same cool vibe. A possible kitchen island?  Hmmm. Is there a truck I can borrow?

And then, the rest of the description . . .
Okay, here’s the thing, you may detect little drain holes at the angled ends of these otherwise unassuming metal tables, so before you turn them into steampunk dining tables just know that these were originally autopsy tables, so, yeah. Measures 30” x 7’ x 3’H.
Here is the challenge, could you re-purpose this? Would you?
Definitely get’s the prize for unique.
Me? I’m going to saunter off to put some fabric over an old book instead.   However, I’ll be sure to peek under tablecloths if any of my buddies are sporting a new addition to their dining rooms.


One Thought on “Supreme Repurposing Challenge

  1. Where’d you find these. My husband said they’d be good shop tables. :)

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