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Tag! You’re It

An interior game of tag with a twist.

It started with “mangoes” on the label of an item at lunch.  Wait, it should say “mangos”, shouldn’t it?   Yes, yes, there are potatoes and tomatoes, but there are also tangelos. Turns out, the plural of mango is correct spelled either way, the difference between using American English and British English, ex. traveler/traveller. So the kids were lightly thrilled that I was (partially) wrong. My secret identity is “Miss Spell”. Amazing how often ‘desert’ is listed on a daily menu as an after dinner treat. Yum, I’ll have a Mojave.

Anyhoo, the dried fruit was a tasty addition to lunch. So where was this perplexing product from?  CAM09035The Philippines.

Something inspired me to take a peek at the tag of the shirt on the munchkin next to me. CAM08511

Mexico. And that sent us on a quest to find “tag, you’re it” items. Time to touch base with where in the world our everyday items are from.

This became an impromptu scavenger hunt for Thing 3 and I. The items were on hand in the house and one in the garage. A preponderance of tags are from t-shirts, caps, and sweatshirts. Some are food items or toys, and a few are vintage items as our quest began to span the globe.

So many green t-shirts! The challenge grew to find a tag from South America, Africa or Oceania. We’ve had Divine Chocolate bars, a fair trade product from Ghana, in the house but not for long.

France w. Greek, Romanian & Arabic

France w. Greek, Romanian & Arabic. A lot of the world in a terrific night cream.

#Ironic Tags?


France via California

de France à la California?

And many tags made in America.

The most surprising tag?

Last but not least,



We found quite a variety of tags, from near and far. Wow. How would a map of all these countries look?

Like this



This was an enjoyable half-hour long trip running around the world within our world.

You should try it too.  Tag! You’re It.

I think I might just go have a (singular) mango for a snack.


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  1. Eggplant on 2 June, 2014 at 8:10 am said:

    How fun that tangent sounded! I’ll try it out at my house….

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