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Tall Order

Enough with all of the small stuff. Let’s get to a big idea.

An idea for your eight foot long toboggan. What? You don’t have an eight foot long toboggan?  How about a six foot one?  Hmmm.  You’ll want one now. Not enough snow here for traditional use, so I have found TWO good inside uses.  I inherited some wonderful hand stitched quilts, a few with colors so vibrant I don’t think they were ever used. We hung the toboggan horizontally and used it as a quilt hanger.  I did not have to stitch (glue) a sleeve or velcro for backing.  The toboggan displayed and supported the quilt, and itself, perfectly.  Just had to remember to rotate the quilt every now and then. (I cannot find a picture of our old family room now, drat.)

Wall space is more of a premium in our current house, so I needed to find a new use for my toboggan buddy. Something so big needs to be useful. (I won’t mention the antique mahogany wardrobe that currently remains in the garage because it is big and so, so very h-e-a-v-y.) Now this lovely piece of weathered wood is working as an easel providing texture, spunk, and vertical interest.CAM00677CAM00505

For celebrations or holidays, it’s so easy to change things up on the ledges. Birthdays? Perfect for a temporary collage of photos and cards. More things get a chance to get out and be enjoyed. Both paintings here were flea market finds in colors I love. Less than $10 total. Bazinga. At Christmas, I display our Santa photos in chronological order.  So cute to see how they’ve grown–in both size and quantity (1, 2, 3, then 4).


Things are looking up (pun intended). OK, so it’s not rocket science, but I like it.  May qualify as a version of Scandinavian country.  And if it does snow and snow, we are on a hill and we’ll have a family size ride handy to go. Wait, did I just describe the minivan of sleds? Oy. Which spot is shotgun on a toboggan?


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