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Teacher Appreciation Week

With multiple munchkins, we have been through a few teacher appreciation weeks. And I DO DO DO so appreciate all that teachers contribute, model and provide to educate and steer the development of my kids, and all kids.

The kids have made thank you cards for their teachers since pre-pre-K on up. We’ve given gift cards, coffee cards, Kiva cards, classroom supplies, plants, flowers, cookies, class photos, and multiple forms of chocolate. I’ve tossed pancakes at breakfasts, and donated food for buffet lunches. I somehow miss teacher car wash days. . .

This year, as you will see, we are on a bit of a tangent. OK, I am.  So let’s take a peek at our non classic gifts of appreciation.

At a used book sale, I spied a vivid orange cookbook with the less than appetizing term “Vittles” in the title. I had to peek inside. (I think the theme was western, or rustic, or perhaps just a take on the Beverly Hillbillies.) Even though I was far from home, the book originated in our current neighborhood. It was a cookbook for an elementary from 1968.  It was our elementary ,which just celebrated it’s 50th year. Perfect for the 5th grade teacher.

Vittles 1

What fun could the teacher have with her family. Interesting to see how things have changed, or not. Plus seeing the names of staff or families that now have grand-kids in the building, or buildings named after themselves.

 Some of the hand typed recipes and tips

So what’s next? Well certain parts of history include terms and conditions which are new to kids.  It might be nice for a history teacher to be able hold a tangible example in their hand.

ration 1

ration 2

This book was for a child. Makes you think. It was not her parents that signed.

ration 4

This is only the second Rationing Book I’ve seen.  Snagged at an estate sale, and now off to the teacher for Social Studies/American History.

And my favorite gift this year.  A vintage book, published in 1938.

GEo Book

This 1938 tome is for the Geometry Teacher, but why?

GEo 2

It’s not for the neat exercise to determine the involute of a circle. However fun that may seem. . .

Geo bookplate

It’s not for the incredible graphics on the publishers page

Geo Flower

It could be for this sweet single function formula, that when graphed resembles a rose. But it’s not

The book was written by a teacher

geo 5

Much of the knowledge in this book is held now in a TI-89.

The geometry teacher is nice, no-nonsense kind of  guy. A challenging class. But when I saw this book at a different used book sale, I thought he just might appreciate it on his bookshelf.

Love Geo 1

Such a subtle suggestion, LOVE Analytic Geometry

And maybe the subliminal message might reach one student a year.

Light a Fire for Learning.

Love GEO      Thanks Teachers!

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