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Temporary Vignette (aka the Brussel Sprouts Post)

I’ll admit watching the Instagram Husband made me chuckle, and was a tad inspiring. Rarely taking food pictures, I snapped a quick photo of dinner-in-progress to amaze/entertain family & friends.  (My kids love brussel sprouts. One munchkin even requested them for her birthday dinner. I know, crazy.)

However, the image kept floating across my mind. Odd. Yet I had a twinge that the blog-world just might need a brussel sprouts photo.

Not much really here except a side dish, or is there?

Brussel Sprouts

Hmmm, a vignette in your home displays what you hold dear.  A temporary vignette just might too.

This snapshot is a snapshot of my life.  So, what’s cookin’?

  • Pink Hawaiian sea salt, purchased not for culinary goals but because we have four daughters. It’s pink!
  • A tiny Ball jar, originally a gift of honey from a friend’s apiary.
  • Butter. My husband is Norwegian, for him butter is a food group. The butter tray is not-quite milk glass thrifted Pyrex.
  • The vintage pepper pot is a flea market find. I have knocked it out of the cabinet more than once, demolishing the lid and adding a few chips/patina. (Clouds of pepper, achoo! )

  • The antique cast iron pan belonged to my Grandmother.  The colander was also hers, I remember wearing it on my head playing in her kitchen.  These items have been preparing dinner for at least 80 years.
  • The wooden spoon is a souvenir from Paris. Beautiful and useful. Sigh, I love Paris.   The spoon was purchased at the E. Dehillerin cookware store. This trip was a “carpe diem/can’t believe this airfare/I have a coupon” moment. As a bonus, the spoon gives me less than six degrees of separation from customers Chuck Williams, Julia Child, and Martha Stewart. (#letsgonow)
  • Not everything is roses and moonbeams, I may cook with similar spoons but I do not achieve Julia and Martha results. C’est la vie.
  • And at last, the sprouts. I like to change up the menu when our schedule allows for weekday family meals. Along with introductions to yellow beets, parsnips, jicama and kale, we gave the little cabbages a try.  One sprout per family member at first, then two, then three. And now the ultimate family approval–it’s on the Costco list.  (Will my family eat anything with salt and butter? Nope. Beets and parsnips have not been invited back.)

This temporary vignette was certainly unexpected. One that makes me take a moment of gratitude. And I might appreciate brussel sprouts just a little bit more.

Now, who’s hungry?   :)

I’ve been having a ‘finish what you’re writing’ slump. (253 blog posts published, and 165 drafts.) I’m now pressing publish.  Thanks brussel sprouts.

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