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That’s A Wrap

It’s a brand new year. Welcome 2015!

OK, it IS almost the first Monday of the year. I wanted to share a holiday chuckle to wrap up 2014.

For Christmas, I will sometimes add an additional element to gift giving.  Perhaps a scavenger hunt or obstacle course that involves solving puzzles, creating poems, or completing sequences of Fibonacci numbered jumping jacks. A note taped under the dining room table is not unusual.  Or each of our four girls may open a cryptic clue that added together reveals the family gift.

For example, last year our two oldest daughters wanted then same thing for Christmas. Something green–cash. It fits every time and doesn’t leave a wonky gift card balance remaining, but takes a but moment to open, plus it would their ‘big’ present. Hmmm. Like many, my family is up before dawn on Christmas morning. The two teens each opened a small box that told them to search the rest of the house for their present. Our entry, living room  and stairway are two stories tall.  If they had looked up while rushing down to find their stockings hung with care, they might have noticed two mylar balloons floating untethered on the ceiling. Each with a little ribbon wrapped around a small plastic bottle with their name on it, and the cash inside.  And a longer ribbon hanging down, but not easily reachable.  It was an adventure for all of us to follow them. It took a bit to reel in their gifts.

Which brings me to this year. Christmas morning I opened a beautifully wrapped gift. Inside was a bag of Bugles. And. Nothing else. Hmmm.

My family knows that Bugles and a diet Coke are my go-to truck stop snacks about 450 miles into our semi-annual 600 mile trek to Montana. It may happen at 350 miles if the snow is heavy. Or if there’s extended grumpiness from the back seats, I might add a Twix to the mix too. I know, I know, but to date, in car meditation hasn’t worked for me.

Anyhoo. The magic of Christmas has me wondering . . . Bugles? My mind started to snowball possibilities. It must be a clue! It can only mean road trip, right? Where? When? Pet sitter, kid sitter, what to pack? We have good friends in Oregon, it could be there.  Heck, would we need our passports? Canada is just a 200 mile drive, I wouldn’t even need Bugles.   The kids started to get excited too, oh yes what does it mean?  Dad? Dad!

“Um. Well, actually, I know you like Bugles, so I got you some for Christmas.”

The crispy salty treat was a nod to many miles already  logged on the road. With six schedules including 4 kids at 4 schools, it would have been a crazy logistical undertaking to plan a surprise. I looked past the gift instead of at it, what a goofball! Whew, time for coffee and cocoa.

The Bugles will be even more tasty when not crunching in fitful fistfuls on rural highways. Currently in the pantry, but I don’t think they’ll be there for long.

BuglesAnd I think I’ll plan a weekend in Canada for the family in 2015. And that’s a wrap.



One Thought on “That’s A Wrap

  1. Enjoy them as a Seahawks game snack :)

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