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The City of Light, If You Squint

A thrift store score this fall was a new in box 3-D Eiffel Tower puzzle. One recent afternoon the time was right and the kids holstered cell phones, homework, instruments and computer and rallied to put it together.  Luckily, they had the help of an experienced puzzle-building buddy. Just that afternoon was worth much more than the $5 spent.

The puzzle is a wee bit more substantial than I expected; not exactly the simple nod to Paris accessory I envisioned. It’s four feet high!  But I love it. The happy outcome was exponential when Christmas decorating began last week. A string of  fairy lights fit perfectly inside (joy!). (I may have squealed when I first plugged it in.) It creates a delightful glow to help light Santa’s way. The cedar chest it’s sitting on was made by my dad in college for my mom. Triple play: Christmas, France, family.

The reflection in the windows, from inside and out makes me smile each night.  3D Paree It’s almost a Christmas tree placebo.  Maybe I could get it to twinkle on the hour too.

Bonne nuit.

Thanks to Zazzles for help assembling.

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