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The End of Summer Treasures

A fine month and a fine weekend. Between events, I was able to tag a couple of estate sales, make a quick St. Vinnie’s run, and stop at one very exuberantly marked ‘estate sale’ that was basically a very small garage sale. The kind where it’s awkward looking at a table with a few (over-priced) items in the driveway.  ($5 for a craft kit I can get at Michaels for 1$?) Suppress eye roll, quick thank you, small smile, and exit stage right. However, they did have a bike pump which we needed, and it’s bright blue which appeals to the shorter family members.

So time for “show me what ya got” moment–summer edition,

Passle  of Party PicksMartini time! I always like to offer to pay the original price if I find one on a box, and it’s usually good for a chuckle from the vendor.  But this time I paid .10¢ for both sets of picks. (Always look in junk drawers.)

Two Tiny Pyrex Beakers

Two Tiny Pyrex Beakers. Tiny bouquets await.

A watercolor paint set, with a detailed colorful scene telling a story on the lid. Who let these penguins out? I like the bottom left where the penguin is watching her paint with this set.

Made in England

Made in England.

This is literally a huge addition to my paint box collection. Water Color Set Detail 1

Managed to leave this chef’s toque for the next treasure hunter. . .

Bacon Toque

I have wanted roly poly wine glasses for quite some time.  The addition of this pair of cute Breakfast Club glasses are perfect any time of day.

Roly Poly Glass Breakfast Club

Now Let’s Fall into some more fun!

**Bonanza note: Of course Hoss was a nickname, but the characters real name was Eric Cartwright. News to me.

4 Thoughts on “The End of Summer Treasures

  1. Digging the Early Birds breakfast glass!

  2. You found such great stuff :)

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