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The Envelope Please . . .


Blink and it’s August. Fine, blink, drive, pack, un pack, repack, mention the heat and the lack of rain (this is Seattle) drive, camps, play, and August is almost over. We’ve been to quite a few beaches, and had four wisdom teeth removed (rotating bags of frozen peas post surgery is the way to go. However your family may not want to eat peas again for a while.) We are reusing backpacks, pencil boxes, rulers and calculators both solar and graphing. And still a foray into the back to school supplies was necessary and completed. We’re up and running (pun intended) on three team sports, with classes commencing next week.

In September   (!)

So let’s add a collection of something.  And yes, I did consider photographs of the extracted teeth . . .

This is a take on ‘good things come in small packages’.

Envelope Number One:  It’s a Sen-Sen package. The first commercial breath freshener in the USA. Or as the envelope states “Breath Perfume.”

Sen Sen 1A few tiny black candy tablets remain, hard as a rock with a faint anise aroma. Originally powerful licorice bits, Sen Sen was in production for over 100 hundred years, and just discontinued in 2013. This package is from the 20s-30s.

Sen Sen 2Envelope Number Two:  Early 1940’s Air Mail Postage Stickers. French, English, & Spanish.Air Mail 1 1940's

Correspondence was so key to friends and family back home.

 Air Mail 2 1940s

Envelope Number Three: Contains the Smallest Pair of Dice in the World.


Yup. Those are very small.

These envelopes hold quite a variety of early 20th century treasures.


Since my brain is already saturated with repeated verses of  “All About That Bass” sung by backseat carpool buddies, and the laundry room has regained the essence of shin guards.  Let’s bring on school!

I just may wear this new find for the first week of school.

1937 Oregon Chauffeur Badge

Perfect for mom’s taxi

But will remember that this August went quickly . . . and so will otherssaturdays

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