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The First Hunt

I always enjoy “Show me what you got” posts. Here’s the haul from my first thrifting escapade of the year. Just a bag full. Nothing earth shatteringly amazing, but still enjoyable after a month off.

The magic words “Half off of everything” rang through the split level just as we arrived.  Much of the house was already emptied, but fueled by a salted caramel mocha, I was ready to try to unearth a treasure.

A windstorm left us without power for almost two days over the holiday break. Our gas fireplace provides heat, we had plenty of candles and after the first evening power was restored to most of the area.  The market, businesses and gas stations were up and running, and traffic not bad (or worse than usual).  Tiny pockets were left without power, including us. Except for dead cell phones and loss the fridge/freezer contents, we were fine.

So it’s no surprise something practical caught my eye first. A collection of phones were in the garage, with the half off sale this Trimline was just .50¢. Worth a chance.Landline and matchesWith the restock of matches, it came to a whopping .65¢.  (The phone worked like a charm later when plugged in. vs. the phone I thought was a landline but had a battery and didn’t work during the power outage .)

Also in the garage was a metal tray from a tool kit. Hmmm, I have a soft spot for industrial things.

Red Metal Tray

Red. Metal.  Possibilities. I left the screws and handtools, and for $1 the tray was mine.

Family game night, with or without candlelight, will be enjoyable with this addition. Rough on the outside, pristine on the inside.Family game night

While not take-your-breath-away-finds, these tins and wooden spool will join other collections.  I’m going put the chalk to use.

Tins, Sucrets, ChalkNothing like a bit of blue on a gray January day.

Blue bowls

Always useful for organizing, or even baking bread.

Always useful

So then there’s this,Apple sheet

What is it? A sheet?  With apples? Why oh why would you buy that? Was there something else in your coffee? Not exactly sure. (I usually avoid most linens. A tablecloth, maybe an apron on occasions. Bedding, never.  Am I out of shopping shape?)

Unusual, no stains, did not appear used. 50¢. Fine, it was great deal, but what will you do with it? Well, I have a high school sophomore who could take it for spunky spin on toga day. Or used it as a drop cloth for the next messy craft project. Maybe cut in to squares used to wrap class valentine goodie bags.   Bleached and folded, it’s ready for at least one use.

A cardboard box full of bags from stores long closed was filled with various items and tucked in a corner. It did have a treasure. A vintage clothespin apron with a quartet of appliqued lambs in an embroidered pasture. Sweet.

Vintage Appliques Clothespin Bag

My resistance was down as I also bought another linen from the box.  This handmade full circle skirt with detailed flower petals and appliqued leaves. Tone on tone top stitching on the (tiny) waistband. Someone invested a lot of time creating this, maybe for a special event or performance, and it was stuffed in a box.   Somehow, I felt sorry for it. Another .50¢. What was in that coffee?

Vintage Full Circle Skirt

It bled like the dickens in multiple Oxyclean baths. Now a light pink, it twirls and swirls on my sophomore, so if the toga idea isn’t a go. . . Or, it will make a fine tree skirt or, well, something. I’ll try.

This first hunt of the year was completed for less than $5, about the same price as that mocha, and a fun afternoon back in the treasure hunting trenches.

Theme of the day? Gotta be “It was just .50¢.”

Vintage Appliques Clothespin Bag

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