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The Other Side of the Flea Market

For the first time, my thrifting buddy and I moved from vendees to vendors at a vintage market. (Must admit, we’ve completed significant amounts of  ‘research’  attending as shoppers.) The right sale? Not too big, not too small, not too chic, not too straight from a very old cardboard box in the garage.    We found a once a month sale with a little corner snack bar, gift bags for shoppers, with no entry fee. Just our cup of tea coffee. Now it was time to select and release some treasures back to the  universe.

To quote Frozen, “Let It Go”.

Time to part

Time to part.

From Flea to Shining Flea

From Flea to Shining Flea. Wash & tag time.

We bandied about the idea for over a year. This decision gave us a new understanding of the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’.   Between us, we have seven kids.  Finding a weekend that didn’t conflict with any sporting, school, vacation or holiday plans was quite a challenge.  How does the White House ever schedule state dinners? A date mercifully fell when the weather was both clear & mild.  With the help, and then subsequent ever-so-quick disappearance of said children and hubbies, we were able to set-up the space the night before.  A final fluffing in the early am, then we spent the rest of Saturday ‘on the floor’.  (Yikes, an old retail term just returned.)

Crazy busy.  The pictures are from set-up wonky in color and bit blurry. But here they are. The first two pictures are from my flea buddy’s side of the booth. Once the doors were opened, we were off.

Half of the booth. EP

Eggplant’s side during set-up

Half of the booth. EP

What an incredible amount of things can fit on, near and under three tables. My half is in the photos below. Taken during set up. Not much space left for anything short of offering to sell my earrings.  And yes, editing  is on the list for next time.

Vintage Market 1

Vintage Market 2

My side during set-up

You might spot a “Downton Abbey” moment below, with an empty water bottle near the tea tray. One of my favorite displays was a number of vintage travel pins hanging on a window screen. (Leaning on the shelf.)  Cute, cute pins at 2 for $1. Many compliments on the display. Yet not one sold. Phooey.

Vintage Market 3The pins were offset by the black & white US Navy 8×10’s I used to identify the ‘man stuff’ area. They sold. The vintage games sold. And the blue metal toy phone, loved but never displayed. A basket with antique postcards and pamphlets was almost emptied. Even sold some vintage records. (Yippee, just a ninety-seven more to go . . .)

I’d have bought these atomic mod candlesticks.

Nickel? Stainless? Aluminum?

Nickel? Stainless? Aluminum?

Well, I guess I did originally. But they came back home. The gentleman who purchased an unused embossed dragon teapot was thrilled with his purchase. He was born in the year of the dragon. (Then he read my palm–a first for me–but that’s a story for another post.) Definitely a win-win transaction.

My kids whipped up a fine faux frappuccino® as a pre-sale test for this 50+ year old turquoise beehive blender. Delicious. It was sold to another vendor with a retro blue kitchen.  I barely got it out of the box. So glad to have found a new home for it.

50+ years old, and made a fine  faux Frappuccino®Sales had a nice pace for most of the day. Entertaining to talk with people as a vendor. I love to find out what & why other people collect.  However, very difficult when asked, “Are you sure you want to sell this?”  Yes.    No.    Maybe?

It was a terrific starter sale. Immensely enjoyable when customers are enjoy quirky, quality items too.  We sold enough to downsize to one van load when we packed up for the day. We headed to St. Vinnie’s to donate on the way home.  Then time to un-wine-d, I mean celebrate the adventure. Whew.

A huge nod to all who collect, create & display the vintage magic we so adore on a regular basis.

Can’t wait to stop by soon.  Ahem, as research of course . . .

Working with a theme may be a goal for a second foray to the other side of the flea market.  Then who knows? Perhaps The Farm Chicks 2018?

One Thought on “The Other Side of the Flea Market

  1. Eggplant on 20 November, 2014 at 8:34 am said:

    “Sigh” Oh what fun it is to ride in a 3 table flea market booth. Yes we need to do it again. My hiding spaces are filling up rapidly. “Let it go” needs to be my mantra! Not sure that Flea buddy fits my image tho….

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