Collections: Thoughts and Things Celebrate, Create, Contemplate. Repeat.

The Scoop

I quite love finding old things, everyday things, and celebrating them. I try to mix beautiful/useful with reduce/reuse/recycle with an occasional dash of feng shui.  For the most part I am craftily challenged, have a brown thumb (plants lean away from me) and I may be APP (A Procrastinating Perfectionist).   Employing a ‘use what you have decorating’ theme, while juggling the ever-changing schedule/needs/charms of my favorite collection–four kids.

Breathe, Be Grateful, Smile, Take your vitamin.   And welcome to my collections of thoughts and things.

One Thought on “The Scoop

  1. Julia #10 on 17 September, 2013 at 7:14 pm said:

    I think its a wonderful blog. I also agree.GO NAVY!!!!!

Thanks for your input!