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The Thrill of the Hunt (For Paper)

The sign next to the basket of paper products said “Pick 10 for $1.00.”  What a lovely invitation to rummage around. So I did.  Brochures, cards, pamphlets. A vintage paper craft project is perpetually on my list. For a moment or two I was thinking that five for $1.00 would be just dandy too.  Then foraging a bit more, of course I found ten pieces.


Published by the Presbyterian Board of Education. I think it actually is from 1893. Sabbath Day Detail 1983

Heading into the middle of the 20th century with a Pan Am Circle Tour.

Pre 1960 as Havana is s destination. The groovy swimwear also a clue . . .

Dig the groovy swimwear.

Island hopping.

Pam Am Caribbean Brochure Detail

Four more travel options:

 One greeting card.

Oakland company Laher Spring & Electric Car Corp Greeting Card.

Oakland company Laher Spring & Electric Car Corp Greeting Card.

Back to travel with a Finnair postcard and menu card combo

Finnair Postcard and Menu

Finnair Los Angeles – Seattle- Helsinki  route menu.

Finnair Los Angeles - Seattle- Helsinki Menu

Collation Nocturne.  Midnight Snack. Yummy. At the time Finnair flew this route, it also introduced Executive Class for business travelers.  I’m guessing that crab and petit fours were not served in economy.  Herring? Maybe.

And what to drink?

In English and French?

I’m in for a Polar Liqueur.

What to take to Finland? Perhaps a pair of these,

1955 Patent

1955 patent date

Half of the downhill skis in the US in the 60’s were Head Skis.  The pamphlet shows ski construction around a laminated fir core, and price for standard pair starting at $85.00.

And item #10, The Caribbean Guide.

Esso The Caribbean

I was happily enjoying the graphic on the front of the gentleman with a book on the beach, and then I unfolded it to find a wonderful illustrated map. Plus, the back includes information on different island locations.

 The second guide to include Havana as a vacation destination, so pre-1960.

Puerto Rico Detail

Puerto Rico Detail

Landmark, history and industry illustrations, just like my favorite Golden Encyclopedias.  This vivid map is now in the ‘to be framed’ pile.

A dollar well spent.  If you have the change to peek around in a basket of miscellaneous items this weekend, do it!

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