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The Weather Is Here . . .

Do you ever get a Holiday greeting, and of course it’s filled with warms wishes, but also includes an amazing vacation (aka lightly enviable) photo?

Perhaps, a shot of the family waving while scuba diving, or paddle boarding with sea turtles, or astride camels in their natural habitats; we’ve received 2-3 sets.  For the past few years, at least one photo from Machu Picchu has arrived at our home.  The vibe seems to be relaxing in the sun, or climb climb climb.  Makes me want to nab a fine piña colada at a swim-up bar. Or at least to the kitchen for a glass of red and toast us all.   Here in the mostly rainy, gray Pacific Northwest, the correspondence brings a touch of sun. And also a potential lingering undertone of ‘I’m here, and you’re not‘. But just maybe.

It’s certainly not an unusual occurrence at all, now or in the past.   Say you had some friends visiting California at the beginning of the 20th century, you might expect to see something like this in your frost covered mailbox:

January Postcards from 1908-12.

Some are informative about the area:


California’s Golden Crop

Westlake Park in January

Winter Scene at Westlake Park


A January Garden Scene in Pasadena

Santa Monica Pier

Longest Wharf in the World, Santa Monica

swim 1

Long Beach Bath House

swim detail


Golden gate

Entering the Golden Gate Strait by moonlight. This is 30 years before the bridge opened.

San Fran

Holiday Crowd, Ocean Beach and Cliff House San Francisco

Venice Beach Dance Hall

Dancing Pavilion, Venice Beach, CA

Some Postcards are SassySassy Swimmers

Some Leg on the Beach

A Glimpse of Ankle! Egads!

“The weather is here I wish you were beautiful.”  Jimmy Buffett Lyrics, 1980

Merry or Sassy

January there

Winter at Niagara

January here

Winter on the Pacific

Yup, pretty sassy.  I hope the local post office enjoyed a peek at the Golden State.

Always send good wishes too.

Jan card

*To all in Northeast, please stay warm and safe*

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