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What profession has had custom handheld recording devices for years?

Easily fits in your pocket, never needs a charge, and won’t roll away if set down.  Can be a challenge to sharpen, but if you use one, most likely you’ll have the right tool on-hand already.

Carpenter pencils.

Applying the rule that three or more is a collection.  Let’s go take a peek at these utilitarian, hard-working items, with a nice patina for any non-builder sorts.

Pencils 1Pencils 2

No chasing pencils while taking notes with these on the job site.  Holding one reminded me of the feel of the large, fat flat-sided crayons from kindergarten.

While key to almost every construction site from commercial offices to luxury homes, this sub-contractor apparently very rarely gives out swag. Here is a rare example.  Hint? Similar to the companies A Royal Flush, Porta Potty,and Mr.  John’s,  it’s a Honey Bucket pencil!

Yes, I’m actually saying this is a treat.

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