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Tick Tock

No, no, not the song by K-E-dollar sign-Ha.  (And since I’m a hip mom, I know it’s TiK ToK. and Ke$ha.) Here’s a collection of Swatch watches.Swatch BouquetWhimsy of Swatch watches are so irresistible. Artistic, colorful. Lightweight and waterproof.  Cute as a bugs ear, and one even has bugs on it–“Lucky You” w/ladybugs and four-leaf clover.  Love love love the one with baby hand and footprints, I wore it until the clear strap yellowed to a less than attractive state and finally broke. Scratches and paint residue are evident. I talk with my hands, and graceful is not a top 100 adjective for me.  Which is why I like to have a simple, thin and waterproof option. Especially for the many situations filling the sink or tub, or the ones filled with peanut butter, Playdoh and paint that is motherhood.

Better than Sudoku, sometimes the unique faces can make it a bit of a challenge to determine what the time actually is. Intrigues most kids. Absolutely drives some people crazy. I’m OK with that.  Creates flexibility. Such fun to wear.

I love these, I also had one of the very early Swatch watches, pink with a band that smelled like raspberries.  Made for a very strange looking habit when absentmindedly sniffing my wrist.  (One of the few things I have ever had stolen.)

Like many, I rely on a cellphone for the time. I almost forgot about how much fun a watch can be.  Time for a new battery for the Olympic watch ASAP.

A new model is headed on my birthday list.

hint hint family, and any of my three readers.

 Swatch began selling affordable plastic Swiss watches in 1983.

A Swatch watch was an expression of joy, a provocative statement, a warm smile delivered with a flick of the wrist.

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